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5 Experts Share How To Take Your Story To Stages

Bestseller In A Weekend - Learn how to capture your story in a book that will serve as a foundation for many presentations and boost your sales. Expert: Alicia Dunams

Get On a TEDx Stage - This session with a 6x TED speaker is gold. Learn how to find stages, what stage organizers are looking for and how to make yoruself stand out so you can get picked for your idea worth sharing - Expert: Lori Granito

Get Sponsors for your Story - Maybe you don't have large stages yet. But, that doesn't mean you can't get paid for your story. Learn how to get sponsors to notice you and pay you for sharing your story at events, podcasts and of course, other people's stages - Experts: Sheryl Bindelglass and Antonio "Mr. Good Vibes"

Does your stage match your story? - How do people find you online? What assets do you have and what do they say about you? Learn how to set up your online stage so it makes your story stand out! Expert: Ford Saeks

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